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Infinity scarves are the rage these days. In case you are wondering what an infinity scarf is…it is a neck scarf with no ends. It is a circular garment that is worn around the neck. Infinity scarves are great for staying warm on cold days. But in addition to keeping your neck warm, they are also a fashion statement.

An infinity scarf can be knitted, crocheted, made from fashion fabrics. They can also be made from re-purposed garments. There are many ways that you can construct your infinity scarf. Think outside the box and let your creativity by taking any one of these free patterns and tweaking or embellishing with buttons or many other things that are available at your favorite craft store.

You can add a fashion statement to your wardrobe in just one evening. Many of these infinity scarves take less than one hour to complete. Have fun and let your creative side shine with these 10 infinity scarf ideas.

Infinity Scarf Pattern

The Shadow Shawl…

The instructions can be found at Craftsy.

This cuddly neck shawl may take you longer than an hour, but the time spent knitting this gorgeous neck garment will be well worth it.

Choose your favorite yarn or choose a fabulous hand dyed yarn. Grab your knitting needles and create. What a pretty way to stay warm during the cold months.

Don’t like scarves? This Shadow Shawl will make a great gift for a loved one.

Sewn Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf in 30 Minutes…

The instructions can be found at HelloCreativeFamily.

Do you have thirty minutes and 2 yards of fabric? If you are a sewer, you most likely only have to go to your fabric stash and you will find the perfect piece.

With this tutorial you can accessorize all of your cold weather outfits. Follow this easy to read tutorial and add a new look to an outfit you already own.

Knitted Infinity Scarf

London Fog Knit Cowl…

The instructions can be found at AllFreeKnitting.

Boy has knitting changed and this large loop cowl neck scarf is proof of that. This open knit garment makes this scarf perfect for both cool and warm months.

The pattern for this gorgeous cowl is simple making it great project for the beginner. Pick out a soft yarn in your favorite color and make this amazing London Fog Knit Cowl in an evening.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Button Love Scarf…

The instructions can be found at AllFreeKnitting.

Here is another twist on a craft that has been around for a long time…finger knitting. While the daisies on this scarf are not really my style, I do see endless possibilities with this pattern.

All Free Knitting provide the pattern and YouTube provides instructions for the finger knitting technique. This is a simple project and great for children that enjoy crafting. Get started and have some family fun.


Fabric Infinity Scarf

Got an Old T-Shirt…

The instructions can be found at HumbleBeeabdMe.

I think design is one of my favorites. Marie does a great job of thinking outside the box on this one and reusing and recycling old items. This simple pattern opens the door for some creative design. Any combination of fabrics weights and textures can work for this amazing scarf.

If you don’t have a table cloth, check out the remnant section of the fabric  store. Got an evening? Make a great new item for your wardrobe.


Crocheted Infinity Scarf

Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf…

The instructions can be found at mooglyblog.

This simple loose airy design really is a work of art. This scarf is a single pieces that is 50 to 60 inches long and can be worn several different ways. The pattern is crocheted and can be made by anyone that has basic crochet skills.

For cold evenings and style as well this beautiful infinity scarf is a favorite of mine and casual wear a business attire as well. I am ready to start making this one tonight.

DIY Infinity Scarf

Basic Chunky Cowl…

The instructions can be found at hopeful honey.

Got an extra hour and some yarn? This gorgeous cowl collar makes a perfect layering piece. The pattern is simple enough no matter your skill level.

Throw this crochet scarf on top of a long sleeved blouse or leather jacket, and you’ll be chic and warm, no matter how chilly the weather gets.




How to Make an Infinity Scarf

30 Minute Quick Sew Scarf…

The instructions can be found at DIY Network.

This beautiful scarf would look great in thin hand dyed fabric, but it would also be a great upcycle project. Find that old shirt, skirt, blanket…you name it. If it is made a fabric, it can work for this scarf.

If you have a sewing machine this project will take about 15 minutes. If not, no worries. This project can be hand stitched also. Get the rag bag out and make a new wardrobe accessory.



Chunky Infinity Scarf

Braided Crocheted Scarf…

The instructions can be found at The Snugglery.

This scarf reminds me of a pretzel. It is astonishingly simple. It requires just a skein of yarn and a crochet hook. This scarf would look great crocheted with a variegated color of yarn.

I can see this braiding technique being done with a lot of different types of materials, such as: fabric, finger knitted lengths of cord as well as other types of material. Just walk into your favorite craft store for inspiration.



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