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DIY Wreaths Intro1DIY wreaths are one of the best ways to decorate. They are most often used to decorate a front door or the space above a fireplace, but wreaths also make accent pieces for any wall. What I like most about wreaths is they can be as simple (a grapevine wreath with miniature white lights) or very colorful themed works of art.

Whether you like cork, ribbon or paper, there is medium out there that will appeal to you. So, gather up your favorite materials, use your favorite colors or use materials for Halloween, Christmas or fall.

A simple wreath can easily be changed as the season or holidays change. Burlap, grapevine and Styrofoam can be used as a base and seasonal colored trims, embellishments and objects can be added to complete a creative piece of art that will standout on any wall.

Get creative and decorate your home or work space with a themed wreath.

DIY Ribbon Wreath

1. DIY Ribbon Wreath…

The instructions can be found at SweetTeaandSavingGraceBlog.

This wreath caught my just because of the colors. Pick your two favorite colors and select several ribbon patterns and widths around these two colors.

The possibilities with this technique is endless. You can do a holiday colors, sports team colors, room decor, etc.

2. DIY Burlap Wreath in 2 Minutes…

The instructions can be found at You Tube.

A basic burlap wreath will give the base for many other designs. Got a few minutes and want to change the look of a room or your front door? Get started with this DIY wreath tutorial.

DIY Holiday Wreath

3. DIY Holiday Wreath…

The instructions can be found at Lil Luna.

Combine your favorite Christmas plaid ribbon with a holiday focal piece to create an easy-to-make wreath. Don’t want a Christmas theme…pick your own.

Easy Wreath

4. Easy Pine Cone Wreath…

The instructions can be found at Remodelaholic.

Pine cones are a standard for the winter season. Add a little greenery and some lights and you are ready for the holidays. Red ribbon would also look great on this one.

5. Spring Deco Mesh Wreath…

The instructions can be found at You Tube.

Check out this easy-to-follow video that shows you how to make a mesh wreath. The wreath pictured has a spring color scheme, but you can use Christmas colors, St. Patrick’s Day or anything else that fits your desire. The best part about making this wreath is the cost.

DIY Wreath Ideas

6. Memory Wreath Ideas…

The instructions can be found at Country Living.

Got some black and white snapshots that you don’t know what to do with? This memory wreath is a great way to make a decorative piece for your home and take a walk down memory lane.

DIY Wreath Ideas

7. Christmas Ornament Wreath…

The instructions can be found at DelightfullyNotedBlog.

All you’ll need is a wire coat hanger, a glue gun, Christmas garland swag, and about 50 ornaments. For the ornaments, you’ll want to use a variety of sizes, textures, and colors. Most of the ornaments can be purchased at the Dollar Store.

Christmas Wreath

8. 3D Paper Star Wreath…

The instructions can be found at LittleBirdieSecrets.

Paper can really be a lot of fun. Cut out a bunch of paper little stars and connect them to make this adorable 3D paper star wreath!

Wreaths for the Front Door

9. Wine Cork Christmas Wreath…

The instructions can be found at Wine Folly.

Wine cork wreaths are one of my favorite. Collecting the number of wine corks required for this project takes time not to mention the time it takes glue over 200 corks on the wreath, but the end result is well worth the time.

Winter Wreaths

10. Natural Frost Grapevine Wreath…

The instructions can be found at Country Living.

This frosted wreath starts with a grapevine wreath. Glue sticks, nuts in the shell and pine cones to the wreath. Spray paint with a light coat of paint for a frosty look.

DIY Grapevine Wreaths

11. A Grapevine Wreath for All Occasions…

The instructions can be found at How to Make a Burlap Wreath.

The grapevine wreath is the staple item for having a wreath for every occasion or season. Follow the instructions and make one or buy one to save time. Get creative and embellish for Christmas, Halloween, summer or any other occasion.

Rustic Wreaths

12. Rustic Wreath…

The instructions can be found at Hoosier Homemade.

The rustic wreath breaks the mold with its square shape and rugged look. A few supplies and a little imagination brought this one-of-kind rustic wreath to life.

13. Vintage Paper Art Wreath…

The instructions can be found at You Tube.

Vintage paper are wreaths look great when they are made from old books. If you don’t have old books, music sheets work well. This one takes some time, but is beautiful when it is finished.

14. Scary Skull Halloween Wreath…

The instructions can be found at MadeInItaly.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Make this scary skull wreath and hang it on your door for others to enjoy.

Fall Wreath DIY

15. Fun Fall Wreath…

The instructions can be found at Sweet Something Design.

Dig out your potpourri…the kind with all the neat texture and wonderful color, and different pods and berries and dried nut things. Once it no longer has fragrance, making a wreath is a great way to repurpose the potpourri and have beautiful piece of art.

16. How to Make a Beach Themed Wreath…

The instructions can be found at you Tube.

Since I am beach person at heart, I could not resist adding a beach themed wreath. Follow this easy DIY beach wreath tutorial to create a great signature piece for any room.

How to Make a Wreath